Professional Carpet Cleaning in London

Having a carpet at home can be great. It is a wonderful way to add a bit of color and coziness to your place, without having to redecorate everything. Not to mention that carpets just keep your feet warm. That is a great and welcome feeling around the often cold weather in London.

The same applies to the upholstery of your furniture. Many people resort to warmer materials, because they are usually soft and more comfortable (like plush, for example). But all of that comes at a price – it is way too difficult to keep clean on your own.

If you have not invested in professional grade supplies and equipment, it is almost a given that your carpets and upholstery are noticeably dirty. Luckily for you, there are great services in both upholstery and carpet cleaning London. Sadly though, there are some services that are just not up to par. So how do you figure out which are worth it? Let’s find out!

The Things You Need To Look For

The best way to figure out whether a company is offering you a good service, is to check out their process. They should not be reluctant to share how their professionals do the job. The more detail they provide you with, the better. Why? Because when they explain the process to you, you can then hold them up to their word and require of them to meet their own standard. Which is good, because companies like to keep their reputation up!

However, to spare you all of that trouble, we are laying down our own process right away. With it you will know exactly what you are getting and furthermore – what you should be looking for in general.

Before everything else, you have to realize that your carpet is not as clean as you think. Where you may notice a bit of dirt, or washed out colours, we see layers upon layers of filth that has stacked up through time. Don’t worry though – that is what we are here for!

Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Process

Firstly, we start out by determining the exact kind of carpet or upholstery that you have. That is necessary, because the best detergents and equipment on the market is material-specific. This makes sense, because different fabrics would react differently to a general purpose detergent, rendering it useless in most cases.

After all of that is done, we move on to vacuuming. Our vacuums will make sure that all the free dust and dirt is handled before we apply any chemicals. This helps us reduce the layers of filth that needs to be removed.

We then move on to pre-treatment. This is done over specific areas on the carpet or upholstery. Its main purpose is to make harder stains easier to remove. When we handle that, we get to our hot water extraction machine to start getting rid of all the remaining dirt.

Some additional steps may be required for furniture with wooden or metal feet. For example, we place a protector under them to avoid any damages. Furthermore, we also use a smell neutralizing agent when we are done with all the cleaning to make sure your home feels fresh after the service.

Keep in mind that during that process you should wait about 5 or 6 hours for the carpet to dry. It can take a bit longer, depending on the fabric, or even a bit shorter, if it is fairly warm and dry outside. Don’t worry though – we will give you over-shoes, with which you can walk over the carpet if necessary.

We also have to mention one additional thing. Our company can treat your carpet with Scotchgard, which is a special kind of carpet and upholstery protector. It helps to keep the fabric cleaner for longer, as it hinders dust gathering over time.

If you think that this kind of service is right for you, make sure to give us a call and book our professional carpet and upholstery cleaners today!

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