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We from WooW Services offer professional hot water extraction for the complete cleaning of your carpets. If you prefer, we can also carry out dry cleaning procedures as well. With our services your carpets will be cleaned thoroughly and will look as good as new.

Here is the thing – carpets can be beautiful, charming and they add coziness to your home. But they also accumulate dirt and dust over time. Even if you do not care about the aesthetics all that much, adirty carpet jeopardizes your health. Every time you step on it dust will go in the air and you will breathe it in, along with all sorts of allergens and microbes. So you have to take care of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning by WooW Services

How We Carry Out Our Carpet Cleaning Service

All cleaners of WooW Services are trained professionals who follow specific steps to make sure your carpet is perfectly cleaned. And since we believe in transparency with our clients, here is how we carry out our service.

Our professionals begin by inspecting the carpet. It is very important for us to know the exact type of the carpet, so that we can give it the proper treatment. We will also note if there are any damages and point them out to you before the cleaning.

After the initial inspection we select specific detergents to suit your particular case. However, each carpet requires not only the right detergents, but also a distinct cleaning method. Based on the type of your carpet we select the method that will be most efficient. We also establish the carpet’s PH, and then we go on with our professional cleaning.

Important Carpet Cleaning Details

There are a lot of things that people often miss when they try to clean the carpet by themselves. This proves that the service is not as simple as it seems. As professionals, we handle the task with utmost care from beginning to end.

A very important note, for example, is the need to pre-treat the carpet before the main cleaning. If there are damages or hard-to-remove stains, we may need to apply special detergents to the particular spot. Protecting foil may also be necessary in order to prevent damages to certain areas of the carpet.

Our trained specialists use hot water extraction methods to remove even the toughest stains. These have to be done carefully in order to avoid damaging the carpet or even the person. As you see, the professional treatment is not something you can carry out by yourself.

Keep in mind that it is recommended to have your carpets cleaned every six months. That way you ensure that you are not putting your health at a risk. But don’t worry! With us that is simple. Depending on the size of the service, 1 to 3 cleaning experts will clean your carpets any time you want.

Carpet Cleaning by WooW Services Company in London

How To Know If A Cleaning Service Is Good?

When you are researching the proper company to clean your carpet, you cannot rely just on luck. There is a simple truth – an extremely low price equals extremely low service quality. Companies without much experience may offer great rates, but they cannot carry out the service properly.

Expert cleaners know how to identify the necessary treatments for each carpet, as we have mentioned above. But why is this important? Because if the detergent is not selected properly, it may end up damaging the carpet. Inexperienced cleaners may choose general purpose detergents that will either not work well, or will be harmful both to you and your carpet.

Why WooW Services Is A Great Choice

We have more than 10 years of experience in the niche of carpet cleaning. We value our clients, because we value our business. This is why we always tailor our prices to meet your specific needs. There are no flat rates with us, so you can count on utmost professionalism.

For example, we determine the price of carpet cleaning based on several factors. We take into account the type of carpet, its size and how dirty it is. That means that if your carpet is fairly easy to clean, you will pay less. There are no inflated general fees.

What Sets Us Apart

We are extremely thorough in our services. We do not tolerate rushing things and overlooking important details. Determining the necessary pre-treatment is half the job and if it is not done right you, as a client, won’t be satisfied.

WooW Services has invested a lot into the highest grade of professional equipment, including detergents that are not harsher than what is necessary. That way we protect your carpet from getting damaged, and also you – from different harmful chemicals in lower quality detergents.

Reach out to us if you need help with cleaning your carpets. We will always be ready to give you a hand!

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