Carpet Hot Extraction Cleaning

Carpets can add a layer of coziness to every home. Its soft and warm nature is a nice contrast to the harshness of the usual tiling, or even wooden floors. But that comes at a cost. Due to their nature, carpets can get very dirty and you may not even notice. They collect all kinds of dust and dirt, which you then breathe in every time you step on them.

You can see why it is important to have your carpet cleaned regularly. It should be treated at least every six months in order to prevent it from contributing to health issues. But what is the best way to do it? Does a simple wash work? Can’t you just vacuum it? We believe the most sufficient way to clean it properly is through carpet hot extraction cleaning.

Carpet Hot Extraction Cleaning by WooW Services

How We Carry Out The Service

Here at WooW Services we have developed specific steps to the treatment of carpets. We make sure to provide the most efficient service, while at the same time keeping the carpet itself safe from any damages. This requires certain precautions, which we have implemented in our work.

The first thing that a WooW Services expert will do is to inspect the carpet. That way they will know what the type of the carpet is, whether or not there are any pre-existing damages, as well as what the holding of the carpet is. Some carpets are more sensitive to detergents than others, and that is factored in the decision of what cleaning method to use.

Another important point is to establish the PH of the carpet. This is important for picking the correct detergent, which prevents damages to the carpet. By doing this thorough inspection, we make sure that our experts are doing the best job possible!

We Go Even Further In Carpet Hot Extraction Cleaning

Aside from what we have outlined above, we also go several steps further to make sure everything is handled correctly. For example, we always pre-treat the carpet before the main cleaning. This serves as a layer of protection, especially for parts of the carpets that have been damaged over time.

Additionally, if there are specific kinds of dirt, we can pre-treat them as well, to make their removal easier. That way we avoid treating the carpet with an inappropriately strong detergent. We can also place protecting foil over a particularly weak area on the carpet. This allows is to treat the rest of it properly, without exposing the said area to detergents that may damage it.

Why WooW Services Is the Right Company For The Job

As you can see from the details above, we go to great lengths in developing a thorough and efficient cleaning process. With more than a decade of experience we have perfected our work. We continue to look for the best detergents and equipment, making sure that we are always using the best in the niche.

Here at WooW Services we also value our workers, which is why we constantly train them to make sure they stay ahead of the curve. People trust us, because they know how much time and effort we put into building the best team of cleaning professionals in the area. This is one of our key ingredients to providing the best service possible.

But that is not all. Our level of professionalism also extends into how we treat our clients. You are important to us, which is why every client gets a personalized quote based on their exact needs. You will not see flat fees for carpet hot extraction cleaning with us. You only have to pay the job we do, not for “packages” or “bulk services”, which end up unused.

If you need your carpet cleaning through hot extraction or dry cleaning, just reach out to us. We are always ready to give you a helping hand!

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