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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Here is the thing – end of tenancy is a tough time for many people. If you are just leaving your current place and want to get your tenancy deposit back, you have to get the place in pristine condition. But that is usually a lot of work to handle by yourself and you would need the cleaning services of professionals.

Alternatively, you may be a landlord or lady who has to deal with a property that is not left in good condition after the tenants have left. That makes it harder for you to find new tenants, which means that you would need some professional help as well.

Whatever the case is, you should never worry. We from WooW Services are here to give you a hand! With our professional attitude and extensive services, we will bring back the order to your place. Whether you are leaving it or you want to find new tenants, we are the company that will make the property as fresh as possible.

End of Tenancy Cleaning by WooW Services

What Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Include?

While we offer a large variety of cleaning services, the end of tenancy cleaning is a little bit different. It consists of different services that may be required to make your place as clean as possible. For example, you may need junk removal, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and/or other cleaning services.

Getting all of these things ensures that the property will be shown in its best light, with proper hygiene. That is beneficial both to tenants and landlords, as we have discussed above. However, maintaining a clean home is important throughout your tenancy, so a similar service can be ordered even if you are just moving in or you just want a complete cleanup.

Why WooW Services Are Your Best Pick

Since end of tenancy cleaning is a service that includes a lot of things in itself, you want a company that can carry it out in its entirety. With more than 10 years of experience we can make sure that every corner of your place is completely clean. Plus, we won’t take more time than necessary, as we know how important efficiency is.

End of Tenancy Cleaning by WooW Services in London

Our professionals are also trained to assess the level of dirt that is accumulated on different places all over your home. For example, your windows may be fairly clean, but your oven may be extremely dirty. We will tailor both the price and the overall service accordingly.

Talking about price – this is the great thing about WooW Services. With us you will not get arbitrary flat fees that always overcharge you. Instead we provide a tailored service that takes your needs into account. That way we can give you a price that is solely based on the work we need to do.

Depending on how fast the cleaning needs to be done and how dirty the property is, we can send up to 3 professionals who will clean your place throughout. They will use professional equipment and supplies to remove even the toughest stains.

You can also get same day services!

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