Furniture Disposal

With time everything falls apart and this applies to furniture as well. If you have currently bought a house full of old and unusable furniture, or maybe you are tired of keeping your broken chairs and tables in the attic, then you need a furniture disposal service! We from WooW Services are here to help you.

We will come to your home and our professional crew will take care of all the furniture that you want to throw out. Just give us a call, book our service and get rid of your junk!

Furniture Disposal by WooW Services

How We Carry Out Our Furniture Disposal Service

The problem with old furniture is that you cannot simply throw it out. Usually it is big and bulky, which requires you to dump it at a particular place. Local regulations require you to take care of such tasks. But not everybody has a truck they can stuff with all the old furniture and just dump them where appropriate.

Our team of professionals can easily take care of this for you. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Some larger pieces of furniture require proper disassembly before they can be taken out of your home. The workers of WooW Services are trained to disassemble all kinds of furniture, so there will be no problem with that.

We also take into account the need to protect your home. With us it will be kept perfectly safe. While newer companies with less experience may scratch the flooring or bump into doorframes, we make sure that this never happens. We add layers of protection to your flooring, if necessary, and we may also use padding in order to keep your doorframes intact.

If you need furniture disposal just give us a call and we will be there for you. Get your free quote right now!

You can also get same day services!

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