Garage Clearance

Have you used your garage as a big storage room for the past years? And now you realise you can finally use the space for its actual purpose or simply to free some more space around the house? No matter what type of rubbish you've gathered there - we will come and collect it all. From paint tins, through old tables, sofas, chairs, tools, counters, old bikes and toys to builders materials, wood planks and sand bags. We will take it all.

Rubbish Removal by WooW Services

How it works?

  • Call or email us to request a quote
  • Provide us with pictures if available for a more precise quote
  • Request a free viewing if you can't provide us with pictures
  • Advise us on your preferred day and time, even if you need a same day service
  • Let us do the job for you in no time and at a reasonable price

Finally this task will be off your shoulders and you will be left with a satisfied feeling of the efficiency and professionalism of our team. Garage can now be used for your (new) vehicle or as more space to practice your hobby!

Contact us today and ask your questions - our friendly operators will be happy to give you the best advice for your garage clearance service and arrange it all for you in no time!

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