Loft Clearance

It’s great to have a loft, where you can stock old furniture and various stuff you ‘might need in future’. But then in one moment you may realize they’ve piled up to an extent that you can hardly walk among them. No worries – even if you think you should have dealt with it earlier, we will handle it all for you with ease in no time.

Our team will come on site for a free viewing so that we can provide you with the best quote price according to volume/weight and access level and will be prepared to do the job straight away - should you want them to.

Loft Clearance by WooW Services

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got old furniture, suitcases, piles of clothes, toys and books – our WooW Service team will clear it all with highest care so that you are left with an empty loft space to use for your desired purpose.

What you get when booking our Loft Clearance Service:

  • Great value for your money with no extra charges for labour or any hidden costs
  • A free viewing (for most areas) and a precise quote at our remarkable good rates
  • A team of two professionals specialised in clearing stuff from all sort of spaces
  • A same-day service or booking per your most suitable date and time
  • A friendly and helpful customer service to answer all your questions and book you in
  • A guarantee we recycle 98% of all recyclable rubbish

* The price for a loft clearance service is formed according to the weight/volume of the rubbish as well as to the type of access available

Do not postpone it further! .

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You will have everything arranged for you nice and easy within the same day or simply whenever you need it for!

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