One-off Cleaning

When people don’t pay much attention, their home can get dirty without them noticing. This doesn’t happen in an instance, but over time dirt and dust accumulates and all of a sudden people find themselves in an unpleasant environment.

This is where WooW Services come to step in! We offer our one-off cleaning service to all of you, who want a comprehensive cleaning of their home. Our professionals will make all aspects of your place shine like new, so that you can enjoy it once more!

One Off Cleaning by Woow Services

How We Carry Out This Service

Our one-off cleaning service can vary tremendously from case to case. For example, your home may only need a light touch, a bit of dusting and swiping. This is usually done fairly quickly, and you can have your home shining in no time.

However, often you may have dirt accumulated on places you don’t even notice. Maybe you have not considered that your oven may need cleaning, as well as certain kitchen appliances. You may have garbage laying around, or other items that need a bit of ordering. We can do all that, as well!

In addition to the cleaning services mentioned above, we will also clean your windows and floors with special detergents that are specially picked. For example, if you have a wooden floor or window frames, we will pick less aggressive professional grade detergents, which will be used to clean out stains.

Our professionals have a very specific plan they follow when they carry out the one-off deep cleaning service. This is done in order to ensure that the cleaning is as efficient as possible. That way we are saving you time and money!

One Off Cleaning by Woow Services in London

What Sets WooW Services Apart From Other Companies?

We have stayed in business for more than 10 years and we have provided our clients with high quality cleaning services. We give you the option to have the exact service that you need. We are not forcing you arbitrary packages with inflated fees. You pay for the cleaning you need and that’s it!

That means that you can decided whether or not you need the one-off deep cleaning service to only cover certain rooms (like bathroom, kitchen, etc.) or your entire home. Additionally, we may focus on certain areas in each room (for example, all tiled areas) depending on what you want.

Our professionals use high quality equipment that helps them treat your surfaces with as minimal amount of chemicals as possible. We don’t use general purpose detergents, because they are ineffective and may often harm certain surfaces.

With us you can book your cleaning to suit your own schedule. We are extremely flexible, thus allowing you to plan things without a problem. Keep in mind that for larger cleans, you may need to set aside more time.

You can also get same day services!

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