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      We all want to keep our houses clean and hygienic. But sometimes there are circumstances, which are out of our control. That is why seeing your home infested by pests can turn into a true nightmare, if it is not handled properly and on time.

      We from WooW Services specialize in pest control. We can help you with different kinds of pests that tend to infest households. Our services are executed based on the types of pest infestation, with different treatments for each one. And in order to make sure that you are pest-free, we are carrying out the service for 24 hours.

      Pest Control Services in London

      The Specifics of Our Pest Control Services

      Pests are a huge health hazard to your home and must be dealt with immediately. The longer you postpone it the harder it is to handle such an infestation. So in order to ensure perfect home hygiene, we from WooW Services train our professionals to carry out efficient pest control treatments.

      When we come to your place, we will make sure to identify the type of pest and the level of pest infestation. This sits at the core of proper pest control, because using the wrong chemicals, tools and methods for a given type of pest is extremely ineffective.

      So after we have the necessary information, we will continue by selecting the specific chemicals and methods of work for an overall effective treatment. This may often require some pre-service preparation. You should also listen to the health and safety instructions of our pest control expert, who will tell you more about them when you hire us for the job.

      Pest Control Services by WooW Services

      How the Team of WooW Services Approaches Pest Control

      Knowing the basics of the service is one thing, but actually applying all the practices is a completely different matter. A lot of companies may boast about the effectiveness of their pest control treatment, but it is often too general and hardly works.

      Pest control is a more complex service than simply getting rid of annoying insects or animals. Our experts have to make sure that your property does not get damaged during the service. We value your belongings as if they are ours, which is why we pay attention to the smallest detail.

      With more than 10 years of experience we from WooW Services have learned many tricks of the trade. We know what the common pitfalls are, and what mistakes should be avoided. We make sure that your home environment is not only safe for you, but for your pets as well.

      How We Price Our Pest Control Services

      In the case of pest control we take notice of several factors. Firstly, there is the type of pest that is being eradicated, as well as the treatment that is required. Secondly, there is the size of the area, over which the treatment has to be applied. Additional equipment, tools and pest control sessions may add towards the price.

      We believe that being transparent in our pricing and services is the only way to gain our clients’ respect and trust. If you have a pest infestation at your home, don’t hesitate and contact us right away. WooW Services are always ready to come to your help!