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Do you know which items or areas in your home collect the most amount of dust and dirt? The correct answer is the upholstery. And that is unfortunate, because it is one of the things that makes all the furniture warmer, and gives an overall welcoming look to the entire room.

Your dirty upholstery is not simply a cosmetic issue. The dirt gets deeper than you think, and the problem is that you breathe it in constantly. Sitting on the furniture makes all the dirt and dust that has settled there to fly into the air. This can cause respiratory problems, and worsen certain health conditions.

If you want to maintain your upholstery clean throughout the year, we recommend regular cleaning – at least once every six months. But it also has to be done thoroughly and probably. Here at WooW Services we use hot extraction cleaning, dry cleaning and foam cleaning to provide the most effective way of treating your upholstery and leaving it dirt-free!

Upholstery Cleaning in London

More About The Upholstery Cleaning Service

A lot of people think that some simple brushing or vacuuming can take care of all the dirt and dust that is on the upholstery. But this is far from true. A more serious approach is required, if you want it to be cleaned properly. Otherwise, you are just scraping the surface level, where dust resettles quickly afterwards.

We from WooW Services have devised a special process for upholstery cleaning, in which we train all of our experts. It all starts with the proper inspection of the furniture, carpeting and the like. That helps our workers identify the type of the upholstery, which is essential to picking the right detergent.

Another important aspect of the process is determining whether or not there are any pre-existing damages to the upholstery. If such areas are not treated properly, they can get damaged even further, which will ruin the upholstery as a whole.

Additional Upholstery Cleaning Steps

While the general steps outlined above are fundamental to our service, we are even more thorough in the details of the overall job. An example of that is how we pre-treat the upholstery prior to the service. That way we make sure that specific areas of dirt are treated with intensity, without causing unnecessary stress to other parts of the upholstery.

We also cover sensitive or damaged areas to make sure that the used detergent does not affect them. Plus, depending on the job, we may use hot extraction cleaning, dry cleaning or foam cleaning, to achieve the best result possible.

Upholstery Cleaning Services by WooW Services

Why Pick WooW Services

At first glance, there is a lot of competition in the cleaning niche. But the truth is that most companies lack the experience, the team and the dedication of WooW Services. We have stayed in the game for over a decade and we have used every opportunity to excel at what we do.

Our business is important to us, because our clients want the best. For this reason we always stay ahead of the curve by using state-of-the-art equipment and detergents. You get professional grade treatment in your home or office, without the need to paying an extreme amount.

And when it comes to paying for your upholstery cleaning, this is another area where we stay ahead. We provide excellent prices that are specifically tailor to meet the needs of each individual client. There is no one flat fee that is way above what you actually needs. We do not charge for random service packages that people never use completely. Instead you only pay for the job we have done. That way it is fair to all sides and you get a thorough and efficient service.

If your need upholstery cleaning, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can give us a call or use our free quote form right now!

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