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Your home may be very organized. It may be very clean. It may even be the tidiest place in town. But if your windows are dirty, the whole presentation of your home is ruined. And not only does it look bad – it makes you feel bad, too.

There is something about clean windows that cheers people up. Perhaps it’s the lights that gets in and brightens the room. Or the fact that truly clean windows are unnoticeable. But all that is lost with dirty windows. So if you want your windows squeaky clean, so you can enjoy all of the above, we from WooW Services are here to help you!

 Window Cleaning in London

How We Approach Window Cleaning

Window cleaning seems like a boring, but simple job for many people. They think it is easy to handle and could probably do it by themselves. However, things are a bit different when you consider all the things that go into the service. And they are quite a lot.

Cleaning windows is actually very tricky. It is easy to use some water and try to wipe them with a random rag, but then you will see how inefficient and ineffective that is. Plus, general purpose window cleaning supplies rarely work as well.

WooW Services has more than 10 years of experience in window cleaning, and we bring that knowledge to you. We have high grade professional equipment that is designed for spotless window cleaning. With it we make sure that you receive the best service, as fast as possible.

But equipment is only one part of the whole thing. You also need the proper detergents and cleaning methods in order to get the result you want. So when we come to your place to take care of your windows, we inspect them and then use the right detergents to make them squeaky clean.

Why WooW Services Is the Right Company for Window Cleaning

While it is absolutely crucial to know the proper cleaning methods, there is even more the making sure your windows stay clean. That is why we also have an after service that helps keep your windows cleaner for longer periods of time. That doesn’t mean that periodic cleanups won’t be necessary, but you will be able to enjoy your spotless windows for longer.

Our professionals are also extremely careful in the way that they handle the service. Negligence can lead to property damage, which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy on it. We will clean your windows with utmost care, making sure that they are safe and sound throughout the procedure.

We guarantee that our services are handled in an exquisite manner. That is why you can inspect your windows after our job is done and reach out to us if you notice any remaining stains or spots.

Window Cleaning Service in London

Service Recommendations and Pricing

It is a good general practice to keep your windows in check and request the service once you notice they have become dirty. The sooner you request the service the cheaper it will be, because the windows won’t be as dirty and won’t need deep cleaning.

This leads us to discussing our pricing. We have done our best to make our prices as affordable as possible, while still keeping the service at a high level. That is why we tailor the service to fit your needs perfectly.

Due to all that we have several deciding factors when it comes to pricing. We have a special fee for cleaning on a regular basis. So if you use our services regularly and we keep your windows clean, you will end up paying less.

We have different prices for one-off cleaning, which depend on how significant the job has to be and what the size of the area that needs to be cleaned is. Deep window cleaning is more expensive but it removes even the trickiest window stains and spots.

If you need to get your windows cleaned just contact us. We are always available to give you a hand!

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